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99% Blues (video)

99 Percenter Song (video)

Dave Lippman razor-sharp satirical OWS tunes

The Candidates' Song (video). The ReSisters sing about The Donald, the Doctor, and Demen-Ted Cruz. The ReSisters are Hali Hammer, Liliana Herrera, and Pat Wynne.

The Day the Tractors Come to Town (video) touching, powerful song about Wisconsin.

Don't Blow Up the Mountain (video) West Virginia environmental action photojounalism and animation shown to an excellent soundtack of Bluegrass music with contemporary lyrics.

Down by the Riverside/We Shall Not Be Moved (video): Occupella street jam at OccupyCAL General Strike on November 15, 2011

Empty Trough (Tax the Rich) (video) written and perfomred by Bonnie Lockhart.

Fifteen Bucks an Hour (pdf) by Bonnie Lockhart

Fight the Status Quo (video) written and performed by Hali Hammer

The Force of Life (video)  Performed by Red Star Singers (Gary Lapow, Bonnie Lockhart, Ron Rosenbaum and Michael Margulis) words & music by Peter Kessler; additional words by  Red Star Singers

Freedom Song Network (article)

Global Frackdown Oakland, CA. Report and video featuring Occupella.

Gonna Occupy Wall Street, by Terry Gutkin (video)

No No Keshagesh by Buffy Sainte-Marie (video)
No No Keshagesh by Buffy Sainte-Marie (lyrics)

Nuns on the Bus Rewrite of favorite nursery song supports protest against Ryan Budget.

The Great American Foreclosure Song (video)

If I Only Had a Bank (video) Lyrics by Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda)

I Refuse to Believe by Hali Hammer (pdf)     mp3

Interesting Times (video): Original song written and performed by Hali Hammer (filmed at Occupy Berkeley). Printable lyrics pdf.

Just Say No to GMO (video)

My Fair Share (video) (pdf of lyrics)

New American OccuPie (video)

Occupella at Occupy Oakland Courts (video)

Occupella in action at Oakland Citibank (video)

Occupella article and video in Huffington Post

Occupella on KPFA (audio) Bonnie Lockhart, Hali Hammer, Leslie Hassberg and Nancy Schimmel spoke and sang on KPFA's Saturday Morning Talkies on 1/7 starting at 45 minutes into the one hour recording.

Occupy Santa Rosa (video)

occuponics.com (website): a musical collaboration (based in New York) founded in the energy, experience and values of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.

Occupy Musicians (website) Great resource: (very long) list of musicians that support OWS.

Occupy Nation (video): by Laura Love

Occupy Songs & Poems on Facebook: original occupy songs and happenings.

Occupy West Side Story (video)

Organic Women’s Chorus (website)

Put it on the Ground (video)

Reject & Protect U-wi-ta (Coming Together) (video) from our New England songwriter friend, Sarah Pirtle: This song and vivid photos tell the story of the powerful gathering of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance last April in Washington DC.

Sing Out for Earth Day (videos)

Singing For Peace (page of song lyrics and audio clips)

Sit Down (audio) by Peggy Seeger and sheet music: Highly singable and infectious.

Songs for the 99% lyrics by Sandy Pliskin: “Bailout” and “Bombs and Bailouts” are particularly useful for demos, while “Hats and Mittens” is most directly about the concept of the 99%.

Take Me Out of the Big Banks (video) written and performed by Betsy Rose.

Still Ain’t Satisfied (video) (rewritten for the 99% Movement). Written &  performed and by Bonnie Lockhart

Three Painters Witness Occupy Oakland & Occupy San Francisco (video): a slide show of soulful, expressive pantings that capture the moment. With a soundtrack by Freedom Song Network members.

Union Songs Collection (website)

Valero Oil of Texas (video), parody by Bonnie Lockhart & Nancy Schimmel, performed by Laurie Lewis, against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Wall Street Part of Town (video) by Ry Cooder