La to tierra ye



Jack Jamison and Judy Clericuzio have been friends since I spend three months in Madrid in 1996.
When I emailed Judy about the Sing Out, she got in touch with Michael Wolfe. Several people suggested metronomes, but it was a big enough task to get folks to sing in the same key, and musicians have a hard enough time with metronomes and click tracks! I didn't want to discourage people from participating, and I believe that the tempo variations actually added a lot of charm.

Here's his initial email to me:
From Judy I got the idea to get my Pink Rangers together (3 woman who do harmony singing with me on country and blues material. Youtube link: to film us singing this song somewhere picturesque around here. Asturias is green and probably not unlike San Fran. Beautiful coast and mountains. Judy loves it when she makes it up this way. I have old friends there but I am from Pittsburgh.

So. The idea is to record a version of This Land is Your Land, in D and send it to you via yousendit or however you prefer. Is this okay? I don´t think we can get a whole event together up here though maybe we can drum up a crowd to watch us sing it. We want to do it in spanish and maybe invent a verse or two. Please let me know if this is appropriate and can be used.

One other thing. This is surely something you´ve considered, but if you´re going to put together a whole video of this from around the globe, wouldn´t it work better to not only have everyone in the same key (D) but also in the same time? I.e.: bpm/beats per minute? Everyone singing at the same speed? All you´d need is to pick a good number on a metronome and have everyone do the same and ask them to keep decent time!! I don´t mean to meddle, it´s just something I thought I´d mention.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
M. Lee Wolfe

As you can see, Michael got an incredible bunch of musicians together! A later email:
Supposedly our video guy has sent you this authentic spanish masterpiece!!!:

Hasta el día en que nos conozcamos-
(the accordeon player is an incredible zydeco player and the girl on the string string is a great bass player. I think we should play in California. Hot band with 2 woman? Link to Maraya Zydeco:
- Hali